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Loction Name : SUNDARBANS

Gender : All Genders  Only men  Only Women

Cast :  All Cast

Total Price : ₹ 4,978.00
Price per person: ₹ 1,659.33
Maximum Cashback: ₹ 1,050.00 *

Details :-

Number Of Person : 3


Trip Start Date : 2023-08-27

Pickup Point :


Drop Point :


Other Details :

We are committed to give you better and best service, therefore, we request to you please cooperate with us, during the tour and make it unforgettable moments. THINGS TO CARRY Specific Medicine If You Need For Cough, Cold, Stomach Upset Etc. Must carry valid photo id proof during travels Foreigners have to carry their original passport as an essential Camera / binoculars to view distance animal & landscape Light baggage that is easy to carry Comfortable footwear Carry sunglasses / hat cap / sun tan lotions during your sundarban trip. Preferably Carry Cash As Possibility Of Accessing Atm Is Remote. Only SBI Atm Is Available At Gosaba.

Sajnekhali Wildlife Sanctuary, Sajnekhali, West Bengal, India

Sajnekhali bird sanctuary spreads over a sprawling area of 362 square kilometers in the northern part of the Sunderbans delta. If you are a nature lover and birds attract you very much then this is the perfect spot to visit during the vacation. Capture from your camera by watching beautiful birds up close where the chirping of birds will take away all the fatigue of your life. The Sajnekhali Bird Sanctuary is the only place situated between the Peechkali and Gomti rivers where tourists can go for a walk. This sanctuary is known for its rich bird population. The Sajnekhali Bird Century is home to the Heron, Hermit and many other species of birds adjoining the tiger reserve in the Sunderbans. Tourists can also visit the Mangrove Interpretation Center here. This place is known for its magnificent bird sanctuary.

Pirkhali, West Bengal, India

Pirkhali village is located in Bishnupur I subdivision of South Twenty Four Parganas district in West Bengal, India. It is situated 14.5km away from sub-district headquarter Bishnupur (tehsildar office) and 17.8km away from district headquarter Alipore. As per 2009 stats, Julpia is the gram panchayat of Pirkhali village.

Gazikhali Park, Nazat, West Bengal, India

The Sundarbans is a wonderful gift of the idiosyncratic nature. It is wild as much as dangerous, time to time it changes its looks, color and beauty, no one can neglect these wild characters and should enjoy the beauty with an open eyes.

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower, West Bengal, India

Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower ls located in the Sudhanyakhali camp of the SundarbanS Tiger Reserve. It is one of the most famous watchtowers in Sundarban. Because of its proximity to Sajnekhali watch Tower, the Sudhanyakhali Watch Tower is very often visited by tourists.

DOBAKI | Sun Asticus Group, CE Block(Newtown), Action Area 1C, Newtown, Kolkata, West Bengal, India

The Dobanki Watch Tower in the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve is one such Watch Tower which has a perennial demand among visitors and anyone who visits Sundarbans wants to visit the Dobanki watch Tower and canopy walk. This demand stems from the fact that many tourists come to Sundarbans with a premonition that they would be able to see tigers only if they visit Dobanki Watch Tower.

Netidhopani Watch Tower, West Bengal, India

Netidhopani Watch Tower is another watchtower in the series of several watchtowers and is associated with the legend of Behula and Lakhindari. Legend has it that Behula, while accompanying her dead husband on his last journey on the boat, was passing the bank of what is now called Netidhopani, saw an interesting thing.

Panchamukhi Green Palace, Purulia, West Bengal, India

Panchamukhi River means the five rivers that have their mouths towards Sundarban. This unique attracts many people in Sundarban. You can’t always find five rivers together coming towards one direction. Sometimes it refers to some religious stuff also.

BreakFast Details :

Sandwich, Sweet, Bisleri, Bed Tea/Coffee Biscuits

Lunch Details :

Basmati Rice, Murighanta Dal, Fry, Vegetable, Bhetki Fish, Chatni, Papad, Salad, Sweet

Evening Details :

Chicken Pakora, Veg Pakora, Salad, Tea / Coffee, French Fries

Dinner Details :

Fried Rice,Chili Chicken, Salad, Roti / Rice, Chicken Kosha

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